Weld Inspection Training


During this class participants will learn:

  • The history of welding, weld processes, Destructive and Non destructive testing of welds
  • Reading and completing weld procedures, welder qualifications and weld inspection standards
  • How to read and understand common welding symbols on drawings, and the instructions these symbols provide for inspection
  • Hands on experience with weld measurement tools and identifying actual weld defects


Introduction & Overview – Day 1

  • Overview of Objectives
  • Program Requirements
  • "What is welding?"
  • Welding History
  • Welding Processes
  • Definitions & Terms

Procedures & Qualifications Part I

  • Overview of Objectives
  • Review
  • Test

Procedures & Qualifications Part II – Day 2

  • NDT
  • Weld Symbols
  • Inspection Tools
  • Hands-on Weld Inspection (team activity)
  • Review
  • Test

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